Pulborough Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Submission Documentation

The following documents were submitted to Horsham District Council on 19th November 2015

Submission Plan
Submission Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment

Pre Submission Documentation

Pre Submission Plan
Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment

Consultees for Pre Submission Plan and SA/SEA

Stage 1 Report

Stage 1 Report Part A
Stage 1 Report Part B

All agenda and notes from meetings of the Steering Group are publically available below together with other relevant documentation

Agenda for Steering Group Meetings

Agenda 10 December 2013 Acrobat icon
Agenda 15 January 2014 Acrobat icon
Agenda 17 February 2014 Acrobat icon
Agenda 19 March 2014 Acrobat icon
Agenda 13 May 2014 Acrobat icon
Agenda 23 September 2014 Acrobat icon
Agenda 20 October 2014 Acrobat icon
Agenda 12 January 2015 Acrobat icon
Agenda 23 March 2015 Acrobat icon
Agenda 27 May 2015
Agenda 9 September 2015
Agenda 30 September 2015
Agenda 18 April 2016
Agenda 13 September 2016
Agenda 18 October 2016
Agenda 22 November 2016
Agenda 10 January 2017
Agenda 7 February 2017
Agenda 4 April 2017
Agenda 22 May 2017
Agenda 26 June 2017
Agenda 1 August 2017
Agenda 13 September 2017
Agenda 1 November 2017
Agenda 7 December 2017
Agenda 10 January 2018
Agenda 7 March 2018
Agenda 10 April 2018
Agenda 15 May 2018
Agenda 25 June 2018
Agenda 22 August 2018
Agenda 4 October 2018
Agenda 7 November 2018
Agenda 4 December 2018
Agenda 15 January 2019
Agenda 19 February 2019
Agenda 27 March 2019
Agenda 7 June 2019
Agenda 24 June 2019
Agenda 23 July 2019
Agenda 7 August 2019

Notes of Steering Group Meetings

Notes 10 December 2013 Acrobat icon
Notes 15 January 2014 Acrobat icon
Notes 17 February 2014 Acrobat icon
Notes 19 March 2014 Acrobat icon
Notes 13 May 2014 Acrobat icon
Notes 23 September 2014 Acrobat icon
Notes 20 October 2014 Acrobat icon
Notes 12 January 2015 Acrobat icon
Notes 23 March 2015 Acrobat icon
Notes 27 May 2015
Notes 9 September 2015
Notes 30 September 2015
Notes 18 April 2016
Notes 13 September 2016
Notes 18 October 2016
Notes 22 November 2016
Notes 10 January 2017
Notes 7 February 2017
Notes 4 April 2017
Notes 22 May 2017
Notes 26 June 2017
Notes 1 August 2017
Notes 13 September 2017
Notes 1 November 2017
Notes 7 December 2017
Notes 10 January 2018
Notes 7 March 2018
Notes 10 April 2018
Notes 25 June 2018
Notes 4 October 2018
Notes 7 November 2018
Notes 4 December 2018
Notes 15 January 2019
Notes 19 February 2019
Notes 26 February 2019
Notes 6 March 2019
Notes 2 April 2019
Notes 8 April 2019
Notes 14 April 2019
Notes 7 June 2019
Notes 24 June 2019
Notes 23 July 2019

Other Documents

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Available at www.gov.uk/government

HDC Local Development Framework Core Strategy 2007 (1MB)Acrobat icon
HDC Local Development Framework Control Policies 2007 (2MB)Acrobat icon
Horsham District Planning Framework (HDPF) Available at www.horsham.gov.uk
Pulborough Transport Plan 2010 (700KB) Acrobat icon
Pulborough Community Action Plan 2012 to 2015 (250KB)Acrobat icon
Pulborough Design Statement (4MB)Acrobat icon
Pulborough Data Set (1.8MB)Acrobat icon
Pulborough Housing Needs Survey 2011 (0.25MB)Acrobat icon
Nutbourne Village Design Statement 2006 (4.1MB)Acrobat icon
Brinsbury Centre of Rural Excellence Supplementary Planning Document

Community Engagement

Press release 8th May 2017Acrobat icon
Press release West Sussex Gazette 24th September 2014Acrobat icon
Press release West Sussex County Times 25th September 2014Acrobat icon
Press release West Sussex Gazette 20th August 2014Acrobat icon
Press release West Sussex County Times 21st August 2014Acrobat icon
Press release District Post 22nd August 2014Acrobat icon
Household Survey PostersAcrobat iconAcrobat icon
Household Survey Launch Leaflet Acrobat icon
Article Pulborough Parish News September 2014Acrobat icon
Entry in St Mary's School Summer Fayre Brochure Acrobat icon
Article in Pulborough Bulletin Spring 2014 Acrobat icon
Article in Pulborough Bulletin Summer 2014Acrobat icon
Article in Pulborough Bulletin Autumn 2014Acrobat icon
Article in Pulborough Bulletin Winter 2014Acrobat icon
Household Survey Acrobat icon
Household Survey Community Engagement EventsAcrobat icon
Sussex Local January 2014Acrobat icon
Sussex Local August 2014 Acrobat icon
Household Survey Summary Results Distributed to every property August 2015
Full Household Survey Results
Press Release West Sussex County Times 25th June 2015
Article in Pulborough Bulletin Spring 2015
Sussex Local July 2015
Press Release West Sussex County Times 23rd July 2015
Information Morning Saturday 25th July 2015
Village Gateway Signs

Neighbourhood Plan Update
There will be public meetings on 29th March and 2nd April to let people know what is happening and how they can be involved.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
In September of last year, the Parish Council agreed to create a Neighbourhood Plan for Pulborough parish (including Codmore Hill, Mare Hill, North Heath and Nutbourne) and appointed Action in rural Sussex (AirS) as consultant. A Neighbourhood Plan is a new way of helping local communities to influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. It can be used to:

* Develop a shared vision for a village or town.

* Choose where new homes, shops, offices and other development should be built.

* Identify and protect important local green spaces or other treasured assets.

* Influence what new buildings should look like.

* Influence what type of housing should be built.

The plan must be based on consultation with the people who live and work locally and it must be approved by local referendum before it has force. It's important to understand that it is about influencing development and not opposing it altogether, as any Neighbourhood Plan must comply with the wider housing and development strategy of the county or district (in our case, Horsham District).

Why do we need one in Pulborough?
There are three main reasons:
1. A Neighbourhood Plan has statutory force when it comes to planning decisions. Having an approved and adopted plan gives a community considerably more power to resist development that is unwelcome or ill-considered

2.Communities with a Neighbourhood Plan have greater access to and control over any planning gain money (formerly Section 106 funds, now known as the Community Levy) tied to local development.

3.Pulborough has for many years suffered from the lack of a coherent vision for itself and a strategy to make it happen. As a result, the village has seen piecemeal development that creates more problems than it solves and contributes to overloading of our basic infrastructure. The Neighbourhood Plan process is an opportunity for people who live and work in the village to stop this trend by creating a shared vision and strategy for Pulborough that cannot be ignored.

What's the process for creating a Neighbourhood Plan?
In essence the process is as follows:
1. Gather the evidence about how Pulborough is now.

2.Use this information as the basis for consultation with everyone who lives and works in the village.

3.Create a plan that reflects the results of the consultation.

4. Put that plan to a vote.

Of course, in reality there will be a lot more work to it and we estimate it will take at least 18 months, if not more.

Who will be doing this?
As lead consultant, AiRS will be doing a lot of the technical work but it will be down to local residents and organisations to work with the Parish Council to ensure that the plan is as representative and well-researched as possible. In addition to the Steering Group, we will be establishing a number of working groups to focus on particular themes or issues.
Currently these are:

Our Community

Our Housing

Our Infrastructure

Our Environment and Heritage

Our Business and Economy

Our Transport and Accessibility

Our Health and Wellbeing

As well as the working groups, we also hope to have a group dedicated to Communications & Consultation so that we ensure the process and final plan is as representative as it needs to be to enjoy the support of the village.

What can I do?
Your chief responsibility as a resident will be to take part in the consultation process when it happens. But we also need volunteers to help us form our working groups and publicise the project to everyone who lives and works here. You will know best what your skills, interests and availability are; if you would like to have an informal discussion about getting involved with creating the Neighbourhood Plan, please call or email the Parish Clerk or Steering Group Chairman Richard Keatley (contact details below).

Please also come along to one of the public meetings in the Village Hall on 29th March or 2nd April to speak to the project team and learn more about the process.

Further info will be published on the Neighbourhood Plan page of this website, accessed via the link on the left.

Contacts :
Heather Knight, Parish Clerk: pulboroughnp@gmail.com / 01798 873532

Parish Council Support

At a meeting of the Parish Council in September 2013, it was agreed that the Parish Council should lead the production of a Neighbourhood Plan and Action in Rural Sussex were subsequently appointed to support the Parish Council in this exercise.

For further details contact :-

Heather Knight Parish Clerk clerk@pulboroughparishcouncil.gov.uk 01798 873532
Andy Tilbook Steering Group Vice Chairman andytilbrook@tiscali.co.uk 01798 875350